To the true, the beautiful, the good for better real estate. 


Developments &

  • Focus on germany's metropolitan areas/regions
  • Good micro situation > local supply structure
  • Developed and empty plots starting from 4,500 m²
  • High vacancy rate or WAULT less than 5 years
  • Building law does not have to be clarified
  • Potential problems with contaminated sites or similar pose no obstacle
Focus on investment
  • Opportunistic investments with development or redevelopment potential
  • Individual and portfolio investments
Transaction requirements
  • No share deals

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Portfolio - business

  • Focus on A-cities nationwide
  • Proximity to centre and attractive locations with a positive development trend
  • Good public transport connection
  • Office, mixed use and hotels preferred
  • Focus on properties with development approach and/or high anticipated returns
  • Non-performing properties (open occupancy rate, renovation and modernisation requirement)
  • Industrial sites and business centres
  • Conversion projects or transformation properties
  • Min. 10,000 m² GFA
Investment focus
  • Potential due to active asset management
  • Opportunistic investments with (renovation and/or modernisation requirement, rental and/or financing requirement)
  • Individual and portfolio investments
Transaction requirements
  • No share deals

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