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Professor Dr.
Nico B. Rottke

Interview: Professor Dr. Nico B. Rottke, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Alfons & alfreda AG

Why did you decide to join Aa?

Alfons & alfreda has a clear vision not only of where they want to go, but how they want to get there. For this purpose an extraordinary team was put together at all levels. The lever to implement impact is very large; one really does not want to miss out.

What recommendations do you have for a young company like Aa in our industry – and in general?

Go your own way consistently and don't let anything deter you. Surround yourself with positive people, separate yourself from toxic ones.

What makes the real estate industry exciting for you?
Where do you see potential and risks today and in the coming years?

This capital-intensive, multidisciplinary industry makes it possible to work in many disciplines at the same time. This is an opportunity and a challenge concurrently and attracts a certain type of people. Never in the last 70 years have short and long-term changes been more present in the industry than today. This offers an environment with high risks, but also immense opportunities. Project development in particular is massively affected by this. For many reasons (ESG, construction costs, financing) I see opportunities, especially when it comes to redevelopments of existing buildings.

How do real estate companies need to align themselves to have a long-term raison d'être?

Like all companies in all industries: There must be a clear and relevant mission that fulfills a need, ownership that is long-term oriented and enough equity to weather bear markets and emerge stronger from them.

What does good entrepreneurship mean to you?

Vision, innovation, leadership, consistency and persistence. Employees follow people, not companies.

Do you have a favorite property? if so, which one is it and why?

I'm a fan of the genius loci concept; special places become special because you experience something special in them. It's less about aesthetics or efficiency; such things only form the framework. That's why my favorite property is Schloss Reichartshausen in the Rheingau (here in the picture below right).