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Friedrich Weil

Interview: Friedrich Weil, CEO of Alfons & alfreda AG Location: Düsseldorf, October 2021

“The main driver of progress is ownership. At some point, someone needs to step up and take charge, drive change and shoulder responsibility. That’s one of our core values at Alfons & alfreda.”

You're passionate about your projects and the job. If one were to eavesdrop on your colleagues, they'd hear that you literally take your work to bed with you. Is that true?

It’s essentially about making a difference. Proactively tackling things with all of the consequences associated with that. Decent work, integrity towards partners and competitors and untiring perseverance will always bring more positive results than negative ones. Those who always evaluate life in terms of risk won't get very far. However, one must be prepared to work like a horse. Notable results require notable input. For us, the desire to assume responsibility and, equally important, to ultimately follow through is a core value of our corporate culture.

Place of rest - home

What characterises the real estate industry for you personally? What makes it so exciting?

As one of the largest industries, even small changes can have a big impact in the world of real estate. That’s what makes it exciting. It's about the variety of properties: from architectural statements to their relevance as places of work and living, or as a financial product. The playing field is huge with plenty of room to let off steam.

However, that also means a great degree of responsibility for industry players: socioculturally, politically and financially as well as towards the environment and future generations. It’s up to us to develop properties that represent a world in which we’d like to live in ourselves. Various different aspects become involved.

Those who have the best ideas get ahead.

Despite nationwide projects, Aa has a very personal and approachable impact. How do you establish an identity in the real estate sector and how would you describe the DNA of Aa?

Anyone who wants to make a difference should come to us. We want a courageous company culture that shares own, new ideas with others. In addition to flat hierarchies and the associated accessibility for all team members, it’s the respect we have towards one another that makes everything work.

An unpretentious attitude combined with the desire to drive forward change is essential.

“The ‘old world’ and large egos do not fit in well here. However, since both still appear to dominate within our conservative industry, we differentiate ourselves from the others.”